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Progress is subject to delays due to weather, mood and sudden cat invasions. Also, World War III.
— Maou
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ZCT Framework is out! Awaiting for axioma development with it.

контактные данные, кто не понял — тот поймет!


ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDFIK9/tmoUiwmcbgZhQhit4kDwmj27cDe5BVlpMO2H2Yd/84tADhjRo50MYrETW2WqTcFVmUCaweNaxkoR2FC0RbIrn1Zn9JQ443/Tklpn8LLiq5gFVwxAYfoNmUXjm5oPTXp9GoPtirmPI3XA8LL6WgXp+srUM2r6NcZ12EddoFzZh435XIfnLrGG9yN/j/Ot0tYiRAyKpUO1SM2jEFhezeIdw4cT93WS69xxwZu8gPuhNSYqTKBT/2dAcPMNJOKWNdWiZO9rPhb/16o2zRgDWa7oKjQg4Sk4QiS79peSivKZo10VeV9Sit9Seub/YDD0F0Dih5qYNTOcWQTuqVpF m3956



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404596260: 931C99B9 3F46BA7E 60435922 56512BE8 392BE15C

32217631: BF6EA557 14A9C102 448409FD BE8C2B8F C4DFC768

JID (same as email): 9BC90FF4 2A72D867 3E3C8BAB 9B445FD9 A0623E8E

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234c1acc 4b50c50a eb1ed2b6 ca983d96 4d8ce344 40d64888 7075eccd 8a309b68

1cde0a10 71e2a140 472893ff 02339ede 84b48a25 556a124d b953e90e 3d579e6c

5f57db9e c4d22600 a7e78aea 3cb0a8f1 00a48d13 f286f1d2 80bb7203 4397973b


Updated: 06/18/2020

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